Andy Just

"Don't Cry"

I just listened to my friend Andy Just's new recording, and I had a ball. It is fresh sounds, along with traditional, interesting arrangement, screaming harp and upfront vocals with a tight, cooking band. This recording hits all the bases from country blues, to the alley, to all the way uptown, and it never lets you down"
- Charlie Musselwhite

Featuring: Andy Just, Garth Webber, Patrick Ford, Ken Baker, Kirk Bryant, Noel Catura, Danny Danero, Dave Gonzales, Knut Reiesrud, Mark Whitney.

1. Talk Is Cheap
2. Toes Up
3. Mighty Long Time
4. The Slam
5. Treat Me Right
6. Back Trackin'
7. Struttin' At The Rooster
8. Don't Cry
9. Dance With Me
10. She's Sweet
11. Misery
12. Oh Why
13. Fool For A Lover
14. One Sunny Day

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