Michael Osborn

A Background In The Blues

"There is so much to be admired about a craftsman... someone who learns his trade and his art through dedications, hard work, ingenuity and at times, the sheer gift of inspiration. You hold in your hands the latest efforts of such a man.

With A Background In The Blues, Mike has produced a gem of a solo album that features such Blues Hall of Fame names as John Lee Hooker and Elvin Bishop. The contributions from Roy Rogers, Andy Just, Jimmy Pugh, and Duke Jethro also add to what is surely one of the most satisfying blues releases of the year.

Along with Mike's talent as a songwriter, this recording is replete with Mike's lively vocals and consummate guitar skills, both lasting qualities of this artist who's a bluesman to the core. Meet Michael Osborn, craftsman extraordinaire.

1. Midnight Crowd
2. Miss Goody Two Shoes
3. I Wouldn't Have You
4. Shake It Down
5. Little Miss Blues
6. Delta Soul Time
7. I've Been Daydreamin'
8. Smokin'
9. Mabel
10. Slow Squeeze
11. Doctor Please
12. Puppy Dog Blues
13. The Kaley Shuffle


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