So Many Miles

Chris Cain’s emotional blues singing and dynamic guitar playing have been praised by the likes of BB King and Albert King. His soulful jazz talents have been lauded in the pages of such publications as Guitar Player and Down Beat. Though his writing skills have also received high praise in the past, this new release, So Many Miles, should elevate Chris to a level that few blues song writers ever achieve. Cain's songs have a structural complexity and individuality that force you to pay attention. You find yourself intrigued by the changes and the subtle nuances and exhilarated by the imagination that brought it all together.

There there are the stories. Cain's song lyrics in So Many Miles tell stories about characters like “High” who lives in a basement “with everything from scuba tanks to spam” and who hears music in his head from other worlds. And "Good time Barry," who drives a limo and shows people a good time. And then there is the war vet who keeps his boots and knives polished and likes to blow things up. Each song reveals new worlds and experiences. Like a young kid with a comic book you can’t wait to get to the next episode.

1. So Many Miles
2. Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Better Day
3. Late Night Jungle Dreams
4. Down at Dinos
5. Interplanetary Jam
6. Good Time Barry
7. Golden Boy
8. While the City Sleeps
9. East Foothill Fingerprints
10. Something Just Won't Let Me Turn Around

Supporting these wonderful songs and Chris’ impressive guitar and vocal performances are grooves so deep they feel like they were tunneled into the tracks rather than recorded. The rhythm section demands your attention on every track. While their technical skills are stunning, the “grooves” are what will make you stand up and pay attention. So Many Miles rhythm section features Travis Carlton (Larry Carlton’s son) on bass along with Gary Novak and Toss Panos sharing the drum chores. This talented group provide everything you could hope for and so much more.

Assisting Chris on rhythm guitar is Robben Ford. Robben's talents and enthusiasm in the support roll have a large impact on each track; his rhythm parts, by themselves, are a real joy to listen to. Long time Robben fans know that while he is one of the top lead guitar players of our time, his deeply intuitive support work is, to some, an even greater skill than his lead work, which is an amazing statement, but true nonetheless. Robben asked to be on this recording and suggested using his band. Chris loved the idea has never been happier to have the support of his long time friend. Another real treat was the addition of Larry Carlton on "East Foothills Fingerprint." Larry also asked to be a part of this project and the interplay between he and Chris is simply magical. Put all of this together and you have one of the most unique and exciting blues projects to be recorded in many years. Chris Cain has traveled “So Many Miles” and as this release shows, he has just gotten better with each mile. May there be many more. --- Patrick Ford

“Chris Cain is for real. A great blues player with an intensity that can keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what he’s going to do next. Plus he knows how to write a song you haven’t heard before, full of humor and insight. If you like the blues you’ll like Chris Cain.”
--- Robben Ford

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