Chris Cain


Release Date - Sept 15

1. First Time For Everything
2. World Got The Blues Before Sunrise
3. End Of The Tunnel
4. Hall Of Shame
5. Love Doin' Something
6. Stars Over Memphis
7. Downfall Of A Lonely Man
8. Up On Stoney Mountain
9. Double Dose
10. Love Just Moved
11. Ain't Gonna Worry
12. Feel The Chill

Chris Cain - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Dewayne Pate - bass
Patrick Ford - drums
Tony Lufrano - keyboards (Stars Over Memphis, Downfall Of A Lonely Man, Love Just Moved, End Of The Tunnel, Loves Doin' Something, and organ on Double Dose)
John R Burr - organ (Loves Doin' Something, Feel The Chill)
Garth Webber - rhythm guitar (Downfall Of A Lonely Man)
Mz Dee - backup vocals (First Time For Everything)

OK, this is now the sixth Chris Cain solo release I have produced, not to mention his work with me on projects like the Ford Blues Bands' "In Memory Of Michael Bloomfield" CD, and I continue to be in awe of his incredible talent.

It might seem decisively unfair to the majority of the musicians on this planet that so much natural skill, ability, and creative energy should be found in just one person. But there you have it.

As a guitarist/singer, Chris has been praised by mentors like Albert King and peers like Robben Ford. As a song writer, Chris is one of those unique individuals who has more of a problem stopping the flow of ideas than getting them started. With the exception of his "Cain does King" CD he has always written most of, if not all of the songs on each of his releases.

When Chris and I got together at his house to discuss the material for this CD he pulled out shoe box after shoe box, each full of cassettes on which were ideas, partially developed, and full songs. Most songwriters could only dream of creating this amount of quality material in their lifetime and here it lay in shoeboxes.

Now on this CD people get to hear another side of Chris. I talked him into playing keyboards on this project not only because I think he is great at it but also because he has a feel for his material that no one else can have and as a result he adds something very special to the mix. His intro on "Hall of Shame" being a good example.

You put it all together and you have Chris creating another unique and masterful work. Check it out. Listen to how what at first might seem to be just a slow blues is in fact quite a special slow blues. Listen to the words as they tell you a story, not just another "my baby left me" song. Feel the songs like "Stony Mountain" and how the music takes you to this special place that Chris has created. Listen and enjoy.

Produced By Patrick Ford
Recorded at Red Rooster Studio,
Berkeley, CA
Engineered by Garth Webber
Mastered by Ken Lee at
Kenneth Lee Mastering
Photography and Design by
James McCaffry / FotoGrafis

©Blue Rock'It Records 2003