Luther Tucker
TheFord Blues Band

Blue Rock'It Records is proud to release this wonderful recording of Luther Tucker done just prior to his untimely death. Part of the material is studio recordings and the remainder is from a concert in Bremen, Germany, recorded just one week before he died. There are over 50 minutes of music on the CD, followed by a 17 minute interview with Luther done back in 1988. The interview is full of wonderful stories and gives glimpses into a past that all blues fans will cherish.

Thanks, Luther, for all those years of wonderful music, and for being such a kind and gentle man. - Patrick Ford

1. L.T. Shuffle
2. Mean Old World
3. Playboy
4. Luther's Lament
5. Little Bitty Man
6. Sad and Lonely
7. Cha-Cha-La-Tucker
8. Worried Life Blues
9. Cleo and Back Again
10. Radio Interview With Luther

Luther Tucker &

The Ford Blues Band

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