Mark Ford

Mark Ford & The Robben Ford Band

"Technically speaking, [Mark Ford] is right up there with the best in the business. Great tone and plenty of hot licks. If... these guys made a video and booked on Letterman, everyone would get rich."
- Doctor Dave Nicks, Music City Blues

"Mark is on the cutting edge and is taking the harp into unknown territory, blazing a path that few will ever be able to follow. In all my 43 years, I have never heard any harpman do such a tasteful blend of blues, rock, and jazz."
- Steve Harvell

"Mark is a new Little Walter."
- Muddy Waters

1. Mellow Down Easy
2. Ain't Got Dough
3. Heart Breakin' Blues
4. My Baby Didn't Come
5. Up And Out
6. On The Road Again
7. Up From The Streets
8. Fool For Love
9. Live The Life I Love
10. Hot Cha Cha
11. Is It Make Believe

"This recording was not made to gain notoriety or further my career. Nor was it made to make money or be a success in the crazy world of music today. It was made, quite simply, as an expression of our love of music. For a musician there is nothing as pleasureable as playing and interacting with other musicians, letting the creative juices flow. And that is why we made this recording, because we love to play. there is nothing we would rather be doing, and we hope that others will enjoy the fruits of this interaction. So here it is, straight from our hearts to yours."
- Mark Ford

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