Run For Cover

"NiteCry is an awesome ensemble of solid players who project a brazen confidence they back with a big city groove."
- Tom Mazzolini, Producer San Francisco Bl ues Festival

"One sees a lot of blues around, but there aren't ever enough groups that know how to kick in some backbeat, an extra chord or two, and create solid R&B. Fortunately, there is NiteCry. Clear unadulterated instruments and unpretentious songwriting mark the group's new release."
- Steve Stolder, BAM

Best of the Bay '91 Award Winners.

1. If You Don't Love Me
2. Run For Cover
3. Same Rules Don't Apply
4. Step To Window "B"
5. Give It Up
6. Blue Night
7. Thanks For Everything
8. Blues Party
9. Troubles
10. When I'm Drinkin'
11. All Night Long
12. Right By Me
13. Let The Music


Run For Cover

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