With the beginning of 2014, I thought I would take a moment to talk about the status of Blue Rock'It Records. As you probably know, technological advances over the years have brought many changes to the music industry. As a result, continuing to release product that I am proud of is becoming economically difficult. The profit margin is just not there any more. I have told the artists that I have recorded that they could probably do as well releasing CDs on their own.

I confess that I am still stuck too much in the past. I really enjoyed the old musical environment, with all its pluses and minuses, and am not having much fun in the new one. Therefore, I decided to step back and put everything on hold. I will keep the label active. The web site will be kept up, and Blue Rock'It product will be available from outlets like CD Baby or Amazon.

As for new Blue Rock'It releases, time will tell. I still love being in the studio working on new material. Few things in life are more enjoyable than recording, mixing, mastering, and preparing a new release. That finished product brings such joy, and the memories created during the process are forever. I am proud of each and every title in the Blue Rock'It catalog.

So, let's see what happens. Maybe one day the RockIt will take off again with some new modern blues that needs to be heard. In the mean time, I want to thank those of you who supported the label over the last 30 years. It has been a great ride!

-- Patrick Ford

Latest Releases




Chris Cain - So Many Miles

Chris Cain’s emotional blues singing and dynamic guitar playing have been praised by the likes of BB King and Albert King. His soulful jazz talents have been lauded in the pages of such publications as Guitar Player and Down Beat. Though his writing skills have also received high praise in the past, this new release, So Many Miles, should elevate Chris to a level that few blues song writers ever achieve. Cain's songs have a structural complexity and individuality that force you to pay attention. You find yourself intrigued by the changes and the subtle nuances and exhilarated by the imagination that brought it all together.



Tribute to Paul Butterfield and Michael Bloomfield -- Live!!


The Ford Blues Band - The Butterfield/Bloomfield Concert

Recording the Tribute to Paul Butterfield and In Memory of Michael Bloomfield CDs were two of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Joining with my brothers, band, and good friends to show our respect for, and appreciation of, the talents of those two men was the fulfillment of a dream. Without Paul and Michael, the musical direction (or lack thereof) for Robben, Mark, and me would be quite different. We owe much of what we are musically to them. I think Andy Just and Chris Cain would say the same thing.

We had the chance to perform material from those releases at several venues and what a ball it was. At the San Francisco and Santa Cruz Blues Festivals we did the shows with full horns, keys, lady singers and guests like Nick Gravenitis. That was great! The recordings on this CD were done in the upstairs room at the Sierra Nevada Brewery with a smaller band but with just as much energy. It really works. When I heard the tapes I found myself thinking how much I would like to see this show. I also thought that if Paul and Michael could hear us doing this stuff they would have a smile on their faces and would appreciate our efforts to remind the world of their work. Paul Butterfield and Michael Bloomfield did for blues what the Beatles did for rock. It is so very sad that they have not received the same acknowledgement. -- Patrick Ford

"Bloomfield was the man behind Dylan on those famous first electric performances, played genius axe with the Butterfield Blues Band...led the supergroup Electric Flag. But that was then, and today Bloomfield is as forgotten as those gods to whom the Aztecs sacrificed. The Ford Blues Band, however, is doing its part to remind fans of the magic lost when Bloomfield died in 1981" ---Bill Wasserzieher, Blues Review
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The next, long-awaited CD from Volker Strifler.
Don't miss it!!


Volker Strifler - The Dance Goes On

The long-awaited "next CD" from the talented Volker Strifler is out. You don't want to miss this one! It is terrific!

"This CD is the realization of a dream I have had for a long time: to bring together the musicians I work with on two continents. I am grateful to all of them for sharing their talents and friendships with me to make this project happen. Special thanks go out to Patrick Ford, the staff at Prairie Sun, K&M Analog Design, Harry Gale at Route 44 studios, Andrew, Brent and John at Georgetown Masters and to everybody that supports live music everywhere." --- Volker Strifler

"The Dance Goes a sonically refined evocation of American vernacular music." -- Michael Cala, Blues Revue
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The next Ford generation!


Gabe Ford - "Gabe Ford"

Now available! A new generation of Fords has arrived with this new Blue Rock'It CD, "Gabe Ford," by Gabe Ford, the son of Patrick Ford. Gabe has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area with all types of bands playing all kinds of music. He honed his blues chops working with Chris Cain, Mike Osborn, Mark Ford, Garth Webber, and others. He recorded with Cain and Osborn and wrote and sang "Be Careful What You Wish For" on the Ford Blues Band Another Fine Day release.

While Gabe has spent much of his musical career working as a drummer and singer, on this release his talent as a singer/songwriter comes to the forefront. All but two songs are Gabe Ford originals. In addition, Gabe plays keyboard and guitar on many of the tracks. Backing up Gabe on the CD are family and friends well-known to Blue Rock'It fans. Robben and Mark Ford make appearances as does Chris Cain. Dewayne Pate plays bass on all but two tracks. The material is definitely not your typical blues fare. It may prove to be a bit too far astray for some. But, that has often been said about the Ford Family. Seeing Gabe continue the family style on his new CD should come as no surprise.


High energy, very smooth blend, something for everyone!


The Ford Brothers - Center Stage

While busy following their own dreams, the Ford brothers remain close and work together whenever the opportunity arises. Their Center Stage release, performed for the inaugural PBS Sierra Center Stage series, is another example of the brothers getting together to have some fun and make some music "Ford style, family style."


Very rich balance and depth. One of, if not their finest to date.


Ford Blues Band - Another Fine Day

We used horns on the Butterfield and Bloomfield tribute CDs but that was with guests and doing songs recorded by Paul and Michael. This is our first Ford Blues Band release doing our own stuff with full on horns. It was great fun.

The material definitely has more of a rock, R&B feel but the blues is the nuts and bolts holding it all together. While most of the songs are originals, two older classics, "Monkey Time" and "Taste & Try," are included. They really present two sides of a coin.

Talent that has no bounds is apparent in Chris's new release. Incredible project!


Chris Cain - Hall Of Shame

This is now the sixth Chris Cain solo release I have produced, not to mention his work with me on projects like the Ford Blues Band "In Memory Of Michael Bloomfield" CD. I continue to be in awe of his incredible talent. It might seem decisively unfair to the majority of the musicians on this planet that so much natural skill, ability, and creative energy should be found in just one person. But there you have it. ~ Patrick Ford

Be happy,
But be blue!




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